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  Screw Machining FAQ

Q. What materials can you run?
A: Our screw machining operations accommodate all stainless grades, carbon steels, brass, aluminum, Monel, bronze, Delrin and Teflon.

Q.  What is your maximum screw machining diameter?
A:  Up to 1-5/16”

Q.  What tolerances can you offer?
A. Our screw machining operations can consistently achieve
tolerances of +.002 for length, +.001 for diameter.

Q. At what quantities are you most cost-efficient for screw
machining of complex components?
A.  STADCO is usually the best source for quantities between
2500 and 6 million.

Q.  What can you do to eliminate secondary machining and
reduce costs?
A. We offer many ways to reduce secondary machining and costs;
one is the use of near net shape bar stock – used properly, it provides
huge advantages in maximizing material usage.

Q.  What profiles do you offer in near net bar stock?
  STADCO profiles include hex, square, triangular, grooved, splined and other special shapes.


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