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Precision Turning / CNC Turning

STADCO Precision Offers CNC Turning Technologies

STADCO's advanced CNC lathes have 7 and 9 axis configurations. This along with sliding headstocks without a guide bushing facilitates faster setups, greater workpiece concentricity, and no requirement for expensive ground barstock. Our machines feature enhanced rigidity with the ability to aggressively rough out material and then finish with a second tool. The counter spindle can work simultaneously with the main spindle. These features allow for shorter cycle times. STADCO's expertise and equipment are particularly evident in tough material and shorter workpieces with lower length-to-diameter ratios.

Complex parts are no problem for STADCO. Our machines have dual spindles, many live tools and as many as 27 total tools to handle complex parts. The live tooling and full C-axis capability allow for cross milling, cross drilling, cross tapping, engraving and other complex radial machining details.

All of this means that STADCO can produce your parts efficiently and with high precision while maintaining low costs. STADCO CNC specialists can identify which technology is best suited for your application. They are experts in managing the complexity of CNC turning, minimizing the quantity of material that is removed, and working with complex geometries to assure the best-possible result.

  CNC Turning

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STADCO: High volumes of complex parts with individual component accuracy.