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STADCO machining staffSTADCO Precision is the precision machining company with the resources and experience needed for your next part requirement, whether part runs are in the hundreds, or hundreds of thousands. Our team members are committed to continually evaluating and improving our processes, to preventing errors, and to delivering the greatest overall value. We are determined to provide complete customer satisfaction with every program, and to maintaining successful long-term customer relationships with customers, vendors, and our community.

STADCO is a precision machining company with significant equipment and tooling assets, and an extensive database of technical resources. Our shop equipment includes multiple-spindle bar machines from Davenport, Acme, and Tornos, as well as Escomatic Swiss screw machines and CNC tapping centers. Extensive in-house tooling capabilities give STADCO customers an important competitive advantage on 3 fronts: cost, quality, and lead time.

Part features produced by STADCO include internal / external threads, knurls, cross-drilled holes, internal / external broaches, slots and flats. Diameters range from 1/16" to 1-5/16" or 1.5 mm to 33 mm. Our Escomatic Swiss machines with 1/4" diameter capacity produce small parts with highly complex profiles, and tolerances to

STADCO produces parts of carbon steel, all stainless grades, brass, aluminum, Monel, Teflon and Delrin. "Near net" bar stock is often specified to eliminate secondary machining and lower costs. This special barstock is available in carbon steel and stainless grades, also aluminum and brass alloys, with profiles including hex, square, triangular, grooved and splined.

STADCO Precision is a precision machining company with extensive experience serving automotive, aerospace and medical manufacturers throughout the US, and worldwide. We also manufacture parts for trucks and heavy equipment, food and beverage processing systems, appliances, and the electrical and electronics industries. We offer SPC data collection, JIT delivery scheduling, EDI capability, and we are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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STADCO Precision is an employee-owned company. Everyone here is a stakeholder; everyone shares the mission of becoming the precision machining company you specify for your next part requirement.

STADCO: High volumes of complex parts with individual component accuracy.