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Other Precision Machining Services

STADCO Precision provides a broad range of precision machining services, including centerless grinding, multiple-spindle chucking, CNC turning / milling / drilling / tapping, broaching, and abrasive lapping. Our Davenport, Acme,and Tornos multi-spindle bar machines can produce single-operation parts with features such as internal / external threads, knurls, cross-drilled holes, internal/ external broaches, slots and flats.

Often, customers want precision machining solutions that will eliminate secondary machining to reduce costs and shorten lead times. For these applications, we can often recommend the use of near-net barstocks, which are available in most carbon steel, stainless steels, aluminum and brass alloys. Profiles available for near-net barstocks include hex, square, triangular, grooved and splined.

Post-processing services offered by STADCO following precision machining include heat treating, plating and thermal deburring. Thermal deburring is ideal for removing burrs in areas that are difficult to reach, and is applicable to all of the metals we machine, as well as Teflon, Delrin, and other high-tensil plastics.

  centeress grinding, pressing, plating

plating, chucking, broaching


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