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screw machine products

Screw Machine Products

STADCO Precision produces high-precision, high-volume screw machine products to your drawing, specification or sample part.

STADCO machinists are unique in the industry for two important reasons. First, they are each "owners" of this employee-owned company, with an average of 16 years' experience working with - and optimizing - high-volume machining processes. Second, because their experience is both wide and deep, they are experts in identifying cost-effective ways to manufacture screw machine products while maintaining the required mechanical and metallurgical characteristics.

STADCO Precision provides tapping and drilling to 1-5/16", also knurling, milling, slotting, grinding, pressing, and threading. We specialize in the manufacture of high quality screw machine products from stainless steels, carbon steels, aluminum alloys, and brass.

STADCO screw machine products are widely specified for applications in the automotive, aerospace, medical device and safety harness industries; we are also a leading supplier to manufacturers of trucks and heavy equipment, electronics, fasteners, ordnance and food and beverage processing equipment.

  screw machine products

screw machine products


STADCO: High volumes of complex parts with individual component accuracy.